Queensland Haflinger Classification Day

Queensland Classification Day

Maxine and Tony Laing hosted the first AHHBA classification day on the 14th January at their property at Mt Walker West, about half an hour west of Ipswich.

Maxine presented 5 horses. Her mare Onni had been classified via video as a youngster and reclassified on the day. Her 4 daughters Orlina, Oriana, Orial and Orvala were also presented. Darren and Melanie Fedrick from Boonah presented Mika and Aslan.

The horses we all presented beautifully and the Classifiers, Cathy Padgen and Carol Fitzpatrick commended the Queenslanders on their excellent presentation and outstanding behaviour and training. It was also an opportunity to meet new members Tim and Louise Ullrich and Vicky Sedgewick.

Thanks to Maxine for hosting a wonderful day, and to those Queensland members that banded together to make the day successful.

Chrissy Kemp