2022 National Pony of the Year

2022 Haflinger of the year went to Bold as Brass Lia ( Abendsturm (Imp) x Lightning)
Runner up went to Ventico Stryder

2022 Ridden of Haflinger of the Year went to Ventico Whispering Jack ridden by Tanya Venticinque
Runner up went to Pinnerwood Hermione ridden by Jordan Proctor Jones

Best Presented Led – Bold as Brass Lia presented by Chardonnay Ponies
Best Presented Ridden РVentico Avalon ridden  by Jordan Proctor Jones

Haflinger Filly 3yrs
1st – Ventico Liberty
2nd – Ventico Primrose

Champion Haflinger Filly – Ventico Liberty
Reserve Champion – Ventico Primrose

Haflinger Stallion 4yrs & under 8yrs
1st – Ventico Stryder

Champion Haflinger Stallion – Ventico Stryder

Haflinger Mare 4yrs & under 8yrs
1st – Ventico Dawn

Haflinger Mare 8yrs & over
1st – Bold as Brass Lia
2nd – Pinnerwood Hermione

Champion Haflinger Mare – Bold as Brass Lia
Reserve Champion – Ventico Dawn

Haflinger Gelding 4yrs and under 8yrs
1st – Ventico Whispering Jack

Haflinger Gelding 8yrs & over
1st – Ventico Avalon

Champion Haflinger Gelding – Ventico Avalon
Reserve Champion – Ventico Whispering Jack

Ridden Haflinger Mare
1st – Pinnerwood Hermione

Ridden Haflinger Gelding
1st – Ventico Whispering Jack